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Loyalty Gems | Proximity Beacon Marketing
Imagin, walking through a crowd a people and having just about every Android phone with in a football field or further light up with your message.  At business conventions, expos, political rallies, networking events, fundraisers, mixers or just at the local coffee shop. 
Imagin, being a restaurant or storefront owner and having your message pop up on these same phones. Imagin, having the ability to have different messages, scheduled at different times of the day?  How Powerful would it be to offer your breakfast crowd a coupon for dinner?
Those of you who use a company like Royaltie. Imagin, if you could change your message & link within minutes instead of having to wait "24" hours or more...  Imagin if you had the tools to create custom "https" landing pages, email forms, thank you pages, and a metrics system all on one platform? How about an online community to help?  Well, now you do!
Loyalty Gems is rolling out all this and more! And we are going to do it more affordably than you're probably paying now.  
Think we're kidding?  Take us for a test drive today click here to sign up for a free account and tour of our new system that opens the doors like they have never been open before!
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