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We are two attorneys that are passionate about helping individuals with their intellectual property. With years of experience in engineering, law, and being inventors ourselves we know how to help best protect you, and your intellectual property. 


Accelerate IP was founded on the belief that IP counsel is not about tallying trademark or patent registrations. The law should be a tool for businesses to achieve their strategic goals. Located in both Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona, Accelerate IP is ready to assist businesses and individuals alike throughout Arizona and the United States to use the law to help you succeed. We use technology to communicate effectively with our clients and are ready to meet your needs.

We are more than just your attorneys, your success is our success. We will work with you every step of the way and work collaboratively with you to see that your company succeeds.

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A sound IP strategy from the very early stages of your company can help attract investors, suppliers, partners, and more because this form of protection will offer you more security with any potential success.


We are a small firm, so we are able to keep our rates low and also give you the best representation.  

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Call us now for an initial free 30-minute consultation on any of your intellectual property needs. 

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