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Reasons To Join The Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce

Maricopa County Chamber

There are so many reasons for you to join the Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce we hope we can list them all.  The first and main reason most businesses join a local chamber of commerce is Chamber Credibility.  Joining a Chamber is much like joining the Better Business Bureau. It adds credibility to your business and consumer trust.  For some business this can be a make it or break it factor in how long their doors will be open.  When your business joins the Maricopa County Chamber you agree to the code of conduct and our terms of services which you can read by (Clicking Here).  The core of our terms pretty much state that you are going to run an honest business, provide safe products and services to the community and provide the best customer service you can, these are what our residents come to expect from our Chamber members!


Business Directory

We have an easy to navigate, search engine optimized business directory that is full of fantastic features. One problem that has plagued business directories across all websites are those unethical businesses that leave their competition bad ratings, bad reviews and bad comments.  We have pretty much eliminated this by using the Angieslist type model where only Business and Resident Members can rate and review your business!

Our Business Directory has some other great functions:


  • Add Short and Long Business Descriptions
  • Add and image gallery of your Business, products or services
  • Add a Video Gallery of Your Products and Services
  • Add Keywords for SEO and Local Search
  • Links Directly to your website
  • Shows Image of Your Website
  • Show your Business Logo
  • Google + Facebook Like, Recommend and Social Media Share
  • Tell a Friend - Write a Review
  • View Your Stats Right on your Listing
  • Links To Your Community Profile Page

Our Business Directory sees a lot of traffic and is Feature Packed! And hands down one of the best ways to market your business in Maricopa County!



Your membership comes with a Community Profile Page.


Your community profile page is an extension of our site where you can share even more about your business, products and services.  This highly Search Engine Optimized platform lets you create image gallery albums, add videos, it turns your chamber profile into a fantastic social media / online networking experience!  You can friend other businesses and resident members and communicate back and forth on site 24/7/365  You no longer have to wait for a Chamber Mixer or meeting to network.  You can list and promote your business events in the community.  You can take advantage of our comunity groups. We have a members only marketing group where you can sift threw business tips and advice from us and other members.  Residents and the Public and read more about you, your business and the services you offer in our online chamber community its a fantastic feature you can get a lot out of!  This is like your own little website on our chamber site just much much better!


Your Own Business Blog!


Many business owners would like to take advantage of blogging!  Blogging is a fantastic way to engage with the public, to teach them "how to" and "Why" and what your about and how your business can help them!  It can also help your website receive more traffic and help your websites ranking on Google and other Search Engines.  We now have a fully functional and feature packed blogging system that is available to use as part of your business membership to the Maricopa County Chamber!


Facebook Marketing


We currently run software that promotes our members ads across about 90+ facebook Buy, Sell, Trade, For Sale, Real Estate groups. Helping to create new leads for our members via social media advertising.


Resident Membership!


We want to bring Maricopa County Residents directly to our Business Members.  So we have created a Resident Membership program which right now is only $10 a year from Maricopa County Residents to join!  Business Members offer Chamber members usually offer other chamber members discounts for using their business, products and services so we have made this fantastic way to save money open to our Maricopa County Residents.  By offering Chamber Discounts your business is going to reap the benefits of new Card Caring Resident members coming directly to you first because you offer them some kind of discount, special or coupon. Example of this could be 15% off if you eat at our restaurant, 10% off Garage Door Service, $25 off Jet Ski Rentals...  When a Resident has a card like this in their hand they are more apt to use it over a coupon or discount book they purchased, kept at home and never have it conviently in their wallet or purse as they are driving by or looking for your service!  All other chambers want to price out residents from joining, we want to price them in because it means more business for you!


Networking Tools

We have installed on our site comet chat. A feature that lets our members create their own chat rooms and web broadcasts.  This feature lets you chat with members who are currently on the site.  You can schedule virtual meetings.  You can host a networking or leads group and everyone can enjoy being a part of this from the confort of their office or home.


Polictial Memberships


We offer our Maricopa County and State politicians who are in office or who may be running for office a membership package that lets them engage via our community.  We may not endorse our political members but we do endorse the politcal process and giving our canadates a platform so that our community can engage and learn more about the ideas they have to share and the directions they would like to bring our county and state is in everyones interest.



There are so many benifits to chamber members we hope you will join us and our vision for our county, state and future!



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