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Chamber Vision

Our Vision is to make sure every business in Maricopa County or that would like to do business in our county has the opportunity to do so and be represented affordably!  Many small business owners in our area can do business across their city and local area boundaries but cannot afford to join every chamber in our area, it would just cost to much for 90% of our small business owners. We want to be the 2nd Chamber your business or organization joins.  We believe by using digital business and web strategies and recently available technologies that we have an edge that will promote your business to other business owners and residents across Pinal County!  We believe that your chamber membership should be an investment that comes back many fold!   We do not want to compete with your local chamber, join them first, then join us!


Many businesses owners are tired or working with organizations that are not Transparent, that keep their financial books closed to them and keep their meetings closed.  This is not acceptable to us! As we organize all meetings will be recorded either by audio or video and put online for members to watch and comment on. After we watched the video produced by www.StopChamberAbuse.com / interview with Skip Hoagland we understand the need to be totally transparent! We want to be the Chamber example!  We have seen a tendency in some organizations to bad mouth their members behind closed doors, this is 2015 its time for the "Good old Boy" Network to go away and for those who have an interest in bettering Pinal County to have a chance to do so.

There are so many examples of what we believe to be corruption going on that it's driving businesses away from organizations that are supposed to be helping and promoting them. The US Chamber of Commerce President has given himself a 4.9 Million dollar a year salary, this is ridicules! Does this happen in every chamber of commerce? The answer is no, and unethical behavior happens even less when meetings and financial records are open to its members and to the public.  We will run a Transparent Chamber of Commerce!

Our Chamber Structure:

Because of personal experience and seeing how good things get ruined by people wanting prestige over vision, power over service, gains over growth, our chamber is not going to be setup as a typical chamber usually is.  We are going to follow the www.ChamberOfCommerce.com type model which is going to be for now a "For Profit Chamber" which means we will have to pay income tax on all money coming in. We would rather do this for now and will set up a Chamber Council Board made up of members to assist in the direction this Chamber goes.  We believe that as members see what we do for them they will stay members, members who do not agree on the direction we are going will go their own way to find something that is a better fit for them and their business and organization.  We will not burn bridges and we wish everyone in Pinal County the greatest success possible and we hope to be as big a part of that success as possible!

Political Structure

As a Chamber of Commerce we lean towards a conservative outlook.  We believe that businesses are the foundation of the American economy. Providing jobs and incomes to sustain our people.  We may promote politicians that are for lowering taxes on Business owners and County Residents. We will promote elected individuals that look out for the safety and wellbeing of our business owners, Residents and their children.  Any thing we do you can be sure that we will do it in the Public Eye and not behind closed doors or in secrete meetings.

Public Opinion

We encourage all of our members to use their voice, to express their opinion to do everything they can to make positive changes in our community. If, when and where we can, we will give our members a platform to help direct Pinal County in directions and in ideas that will help the prosperity of everyone living here.  People need to come together from business owners, local organizations, Residents, churches and there members and help shape Pinal Counties future, because if we don't outside lobbyists will. We may not always agree but we will always listen!


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